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WordPress Website Design

WordPress is an open-source, widely popular website platform that allows you manage the content of your website independently. It’s flexible, highly customizable, super user-friendly, and is a great content management system (CMS).

Typically, the steps involved in setting up a WordPress site include:

  • getting an experienced WordPress webmaster
  • finding an existing theme template that has been professionally set up and customized for the particular industry segment the client is involved in
  • setting up the template to meet the client’s specific needs, including all relevant data, info, images, and page types, etc. The end result is a custom site tailor made for the client.
  • determining who among the client’s staff will be the main point person for the site, and training them to handle whatever updates, new posts, etc. they want to handle inhouse. Normally, anyone who is familiar with a word processor can handle this type of role.
  • setting up an ongoing strategy to ensure software updates and backups are taken care of, and having regular reviews to identify when additions/modifications are needed by the webmaster.

Our WP Theme Services

Theme Installation

We'll install the WordPress platform, and then the WP theme you like most from our researched suggestions (or yours).

Well crafted text

We'll tell your story, and showcase your products and services with well written text, and highlights to accentuate important parts.

Your Content

We'll create the page structure you want, and set up the design, layout, and text and image content for each page.

WordPress Security

We'll ensure best practices are followed in making sure your site is as protected and secure as possible from hackers

Recommend and Install plug-ins

Plug-ins provide ways to enhance the functionality of the site, such as contact forms, newsletter signups, and more.

WordPress Hosting Transfer

If needed, we can take care of moving your existing WordPress site, emails and databases to a new hosting account.

Wordpress Sample Themes

These are theme frameworks we most often draw on, and offer an excellent range of design styles, with well-thought-out design components.

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