Website redesign

Website – Marco’s Grill & Pasta House


  • client’s existing site wasn’t mobile ready, and used a challenging system to keep dining menus updated


  • find a suitable restaurant theme, and a dining menu module that would provide the power to display menus attractively, organize them, and be updatable by the client


  • theme: found a restaurant theme from that had an Italian flair to it, and borrowed elements from a different pizza theme to give it additional appeal.
  • home page: the old site had few photos, so we found some to use in the new home page, showcasing the interior and key team members, as well as displaying Main St. frontage
  • seo: after doing research into the site’s online presence in directories, discovered there were a lot of outdated, incorrect listings (the restaurant had earlier in its history been located in Tusket, and its current location had once been known as Five Corners Restaurant). Where possible, claimed/updated those listings.
  • dining menus: found a food menu module that took a lot of extra customization to look well on both desktop and mobile screens. To greatly reduce scrolling, I set the different menu sections up under tabs, which converted to accordions in mobile view.
  • testimonials: got a bunch of testimonials from Facebook, Google+, etc., and added a testimonials page, as well as a rotating testimonial widget on the home page.
  • redirects: permanent redirects were set up on the old site links, to auto send users to the applicable new pages, to avoid having broken links.
  • included my 10-part item list


The new site is now mobile ready, much more visually appealing, and the dining menu section works superbly.