Website redesign, fixes.

Portfolio: Website – Hoods Goldworks


  • Client had frustrating experiences with previous web design firms. He currently had a main website, plus a separate site cataloging jewelry he had available. Both fell short of the visual appeal and design attention he deserved.


  • consolidate the sites into a new one that addressed the deficiencies in his current online presence.


  • theme: found a jewelry theme that had a nice feel to it, and added ecommerce modules so we could include product catalogs in it.
  • domain: the existing domains were cumbersome and hard to remember. Replaced both with ( was taken)
  • setup: took content from existing sites, and incorporated it in the new one. Revised/added content where needed. Added new and better photos.
  • email: client was using a main email that had a significant of non-business email coming into it. We set up an email acdcount dedicated soley to the business, as the new main contact email.
  • logo: the current logo used a square area, and was difficult to fit in a webpage header. I designed a horizontal version that lent itself much better to web use. Here’s the before and after:
  • facebook page: one already existed, but wasn’t owned by the business. Claimed ownership and took admin control of it.
  • online visibility: did a lot of work in fixing online visibility issues, and updating/fixing listings that still had old info. This is still a work in progress.
  • included my 10-part item list


The previous work had actually done a fair amount of harm to Hoods Goldworks online presence – including omitting his street address in Google maps. We’ve made significant progress in building a new solid foundation, and making his website work to start bringing in new customers.