Website redesign & seo

Url: company has since been bought out and folded into parent

Portfolio: Website – Coast Mountain Wireless


  • was subcontracted to assist in SEO work for their existing site. However, the current site wasn’t mobile-ready, and recommended this be rectified as a crucial part of seo plan.


  • make the site mobile ready, and implement Google best practices in new site (image tags, good meta descriptions and titles, relevant h2 headings, etc)


  • theme: found a theme that was similar to their existing look/feel, and ported their content into the new framework
  • logo: their logo design made it difficult to contain it completely inside the website header, without it becoming too small. We created a white glow background for it to help it blend in better, and set it to overflow, letting us strike a better size balance.
  • content consolidation: the existing site had many pages with a few photos and minimal text. We consolidated these elements into pages that used tabs to navigate through the product/service areas, and added a bit more text. The tab system made navigation much quicker.
  • home page slider: the existing one was replaced with an enhanced one, that did a better job of highlighting the important strengths of the company.
  • seo improvements: lots of attention was given to improving the seo quality of each page.
  • seo analysis & fixes: did an extensive analysis that set a baseline for their current ranking for important keywords, backlinks, listing accuracy in important directories. Spent substantial effort in cleaning up outdated/inaccurate information in sites they were listed in (helps with ranking).
  • redirections: permanent redirects were set up to ensure users were properly forwarded from older links to the relevant pages in the new site
  • included my 10-part item list


The conversion to mobile-ready, and the other seo work done has already resulted in a substantial traffic increase to the site, resulting in more industry visibility, and more sales.  The plan is to continue seo work aggressively, to maximize online presence.