10 Ways to LOSE customers using your website


Ever go fishing, and go through the day with nary a nibble, only to discover someone caught 3 big ones the day before? You never know about the fish that you COULD have caught, but passed your fishing line by because it didn’t have the right bait, or looked “off”, or whatever reason fish don’t bite.

We don’t know about the customers that got away either because of something our website did – or didn’t do – to that occasional user who will forever remain unknown, instead of having our website bring them in close enough for us to land as a customer.

No one knows every reason why a fish won’t bite, but here are some of the surefire ways to get your website to push potential clients away:

  • Use Adobe Flash (mobile devices don’t support flash)
  • Be designed for desktop, not mobile (frustrating to view on smartphones)
  • Lots of text (take your favorite tv program. Now imagine not being able to watch it, but only being able to read the scripts).
  • Design flaws (do you buy apples with or without bruises? which are most appealing?)
  • Make them scroll like crazy (imagine if Walmart made you walk down long hallways to get at store shelves)
  • Use pdfs (clunky, not mobile friendly)
  • Have broken links (do you have doors that go nowhere at your shop?)
  • Use light color text (sorta like turning down the lights in your shop: improves ambience, but makes shopping bunches harder)
  • Don’t optimize the site for fast loading (how many times have you given up trying to load a slow page?)
  • Don’t prioritize content (is the stuff users most want to see easy to access, without being buried in a lot of other stuff?)

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