New website

Website – True Colours Counselling


  • client had begun a new mental health counselling practice, and needed a website to help market his services, and provide info about his practice to clients and prospective clients.


  • a website centered around mental health needs to find the right balance between being professional, as well as down-to-earth and welcoming.


  • domain name: with a long business name, the corresponding domain name of contains a lot of letters to type. We found available, and decided to use the shorter one in email addresses and marketing materials. It redirects automatically to, which we used as the official domain for the website.
  • theme: Shamus found a site he liked by another mental health counsellor, and also found a few sample themes that caught his attention. During discussions about the look and feel of the site, his love of nature and the outdoors became apparent, and there’s lots of history about the therapeutic effects of nature and walks in the woods. So I found a few nature-based themes, and used those as the foundation for this site.
  • logo: the client didn’t yet have an official logo, but DID have some graphics that he liked that seemed to reinforce the business name and goals. We ended up combining one of the graphics of 3 people together, with a typeface that seemed to complement it, and a gently swirl to add some softness to the text.
  • locations: one of the challenges was that TCC would be offering services at sub-offices in the tri-counties, but the sub-office addresses still had to be confirmed. To give a more visual message about the coverage area, I found scenic photos with flexible reproduction rights for the major areas, and included them on the locations page, blending 3 of them together in a page top collage.
  • services and rates: one of the sample sites had this info spread across a few pages, resulting in minimal content on each page. I decided to use tabbed sections on a single page instead, so that the user would be easily able to view particular info they wanted, with minimal scrolling or page changes.


The final website combined panoramic photos of nature walks type of scenery with different page styles for each section, providing a relaxing environment for the user to browse the firm’s services and info.