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Disaster Recovery Planning & Management

Just take a moment and think “if my computer system was stolen tonight, how much grey hair would I add by the end of the day?”

Chances are – if you’re like many business owners – you have a rough idea, but are likely planning to “call in the troops” and let them take care of it – and cross your fingers.

It doesn’t have to be that unpredictable. With the right expertise, it’s quite likely that a straightforward plan can be put into place that ensures critical software and data are fully backed up, and a step by step blueprint created, to restore systems to their most recent state. So even if the staff tech gurus are away on conference when disaster strikes, the team left behind can follow the plan with known outside help.

The end result is minimal downtime and headache, and best odds of ensuring you can do business as usual. Whether the cause is theft, a fire, hurricane, a badly spilled coffee, or an equipment malfunction.

Quick Facts

  • over 60% of tech outages are caused by equipment failures or human error.
  • 40% of businesses don’t fully recover after a major outage
  • approx. 80% of businesses don’t have an industry standard disaster recovery plan in place.

Source: Forrester/Disaster Recovery Journal November 2013 Global Disaster Recovery Preparedness


Mobile Apps

We can create cross-platform mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets. Whether you need inhouse handheld tech tools, or apps designed to make it easier to provide products and services to end users, we can help you develop a mobile app strategy, and then implement and maintain it.

What we do

For most smaller businesses, having a mobile app won’t make economic sense, or generate enough return on investment to make it worthwhile.

For those organizations that CAN gain from having a dedicated app, here’s the steps we take:

  • clearly identify the app goals, and ensure that creating a mobile app is the best solution.
  • create a clear plan outlining the desired app features and capabilities.
  • determine what platform(s) should be covered – such as IOS, Android, and phone and/or tablet device sizes.
  • decide which programming technology is best suited for the project.
  • create a working model mockup, to get an idea of how the app will look and feel
  • create the final app platform, along with any server based support platform, with vigorous code testing and focus group feedback
  • release the app, and track analytics to measure the app’s use and popularity.
  • take care of bugs and issues as discovered, along with user suggestions, by making timely app updates

Our mobile app services

  • Front end for Mobile-ready Websites
  • Custom work tools
  • Camera, Video, and GPS integration
  • Cross platform HTML5 and or Adobe Air
  • Mobile Commerce
  • 2D Barcodes/QR Codes Scan integration
  • Listings in Apple and Google app stores

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